CrimethInc.Net/work Unveiled, CrimethInc. en Español, New Poster Available in Bulk


After years and years of failed attempts and results so horrendous as to boggle the mind, we open for public participation the newest attempt at a CrimethInc. networking site, CrimethInc.Net/work 2.0. There are a lot of bells and whistles here—an events calendar, a cell directory, user blogs, a recipe database, art galleries—all of which are begging for content created by you. This site is only as valuable and useful as y’all make it, so let’s work together to make this an indispensable resource for ambitious lunatics all over the world. A good place to start after registering is the .net owners’ manual.

Out of the ether we have found a version of the Guerrilla Latina CrimethInc. site, thought to be lost forever, and are now hosting a mirror of this excellent site which contains many CrimethInc. writings translated expertly into Spanish—it will be hosted at

And, finally, we have a new three-color poster in our poster kit series, the Your Life is Your Life poster, featuring artwork by the amazing Nikki McClure. As of today, one copy comes free in all paid orders, and we’ve added a bundle of them to the Literature Distro Kit with no increase in price.