Our First DVD Project Released!


I’m tickled to announce that after months of hard labour and a rather steep learning curve, our first of hopefully many DVD projects, CrimethInc. Guerrilla Film Series, Volume One, is now available. Spanning two discs, the collection combines our old standards (Pickaxe and Breaking the Spell) with a new feature documentary (The Miami Model) and five short films (three classic thinktank experiments documented and two SubMedia films). We also hammered out subtitles in English and Spanish for all three features, and added new filmmaker commentaries for Pickaxe, BTS, and the thinktank film, Auto Revision. Check out the trailer and if you feel so inclined, grab a copy for $10ppd and show it to as many people as possible. The DVD is also included in the now slightly improperly-named Literature Distro Kit.

As fucking excited as we are to have this DVD finished and available, we are equally dispirited by the imminent increase in postal rates on January 8th. Despite the official line of a “slight increase of 5.4%,” Media Mail rates are increasing by as much as 13%. Because everything we publish has the postage for Media Mail built into the price, an increase this large makes life even more difficult for us—for several of our books this is the second or third increase in postage costs since we set the prices over the last few years. To help compensate, we are going to add 1% to our online surcharge, but otherwise we’re sticking it out and not increasing any of our prices. We’re giving fair warning: with the next rate increase we may very well have to increase some prices.

Sandman will be kicking off the new year on tour with underground filmmaking master, Bill Daniel and his new film about old-school hobo graffiti. Be sure to go check ‘em out, it promises to be even more of an extravaganza than usual. Also, we are currently putting the final touches on the next issue of Rolling Thunder, expect it to appear here in just over a month.