We’ve Reprinted To Change Everything


Our Anarchist Outreach Project


We’ve reprinted To Change Everything, our anarchist outreach project. As the dust settles from the Trump era—following a year when the President of the United States singled out “anarchists” as one of his chief targets—and a new phase of corporate capitalism gets underway, this is an important time to reach out to others to articulate a critique of authoritarian power and popularize approaches to social change based in horizontality and autonomy.

Order copies here for the price of postage alone.

To Change Everything is a full-color 48-page booklet. In fresh, accessible language, it explores the virtues of self-determination, illuminates why authoritarian power structures cannot resolve the crises they produce, and discusses how to weave our personal revolts together into a collective struggle for liberation. Submedia.tv produced a condensed video version as well.

We published To Change Everything in 2015, with tours and release events on several continents. By 2018, we had distributed all 150,000 copies of the English-language printing.

In collaboration with Firestorm Books and a few other collectives, we’ve reprinted 25,000 copies to distribute in 2021. One exasperated Firestorm volunteer said:

We’ve been bugging CrimethInc. to do a reprint for years! Members of our collective give them away from our space, in the streets, and by mail. To Change Everything is an emotive presentation of the anarchist critique with a price tag you can’t beat (free!). It’s the delicious propaganda you can count on to wash away the taste of a million Marxist-Leninist newspapers you never wanted.”

To Change Everything is available in 31 languages, from Arabic to Thai, including both European and American variants in French and Spanish. You can find all of these via the web version.