Photo of ‘Inside Front Reunion Issue’ front cover


  1. Pages 196

Nearly 200 pages of fine print, including early versions of texts that later appeared in books such as Recipes for Disaster and many other strange and wondrous gems. The content runs the gamut from interviews with Tragedy, Lack, and other classic hardcore bands—to critical essays about veganism, straight edge, and other rebel lifestyle commitments—to narratives detailing the experiences of young hooligans going into open battle against the G8 and other international capitalist organizations. In one account, the author hitchhikes across the UK to the Isle of Skye to meet the Baron, the bassist of Amebix, who has retired there to forge medieval swords.

From the vantage point of the present day, this is an extremely rich time capsule of another era, when anarchism, adventurism, criminal recalcitrance, and MAXIMUM ULTRAISM mingled together to present an alternative life path to conformist participation in the dominant order. It’s a heady mix.

This issue came with a CD compilation, “Your Enemy Is Not Surrounding Your Country, Your Enemy Is Ruling Your Country,” freely available for downloading here.